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    La Plagne Skiing, February 2020 [VIDEO]

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    Skiing in France, February Vacation 2020 [VIDEO]

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    TARCtic Frozen Yeti 30 Hour: 2020 Race Report

    TARCtic Frozen Yeti 30 Hour, February 1-2, 2020. I did a total of 45 miles, putting me in the middle of the pack of about 115 runners. Last year, I ran this race during its?inaugural year and only managed 30 miles before the raw weather and general fatigue caused me to pull the plug.?

    As I told a race director after finishing, the 2020 TARCtic was the first race that —?during the race —?I went home, took a long bath, went to a basketball game, had dinner, slept in my own bed, and then returned to the race to log 15 more miles. The race organizers and volunteers were so awesome to give me an opportunity to go for more miles while not wreaking myself physically and with sleep deprivation. This course is a grind and the time of year can be a real wild card, but the organization, course markings, swag and aid station fare is world class and I will probably sign up for next year.

    Race & Course Overview

    The TARCTic Frozen Yeti gives runners 30 hours to complete as many miles as possible or desired on a series of three 5-mile loops (called Red, White, and Blue) that are 15 miles total. Runners get a buckle if they complete 100 miles within the 30 hours, so that’s ostensibly the goal. But it’s a miserable and difficult time of year to train in New England, and the majority of runners I talk to use the TARCtic as an off-season “tune up” race and do not aim beyond 60 miles.

    All loops start and end at the Powisett Lodge at Hale Reservation, which means runners get access to the aid station, drop bags, bathrooms, and crew every 5 miles — which is an ideal frequency for hot ramen and friendly volunteers as the race wears on. In 2019, runners had to finish an entire 15-mile circuit to make it “count” towards their mileage, but this year every 5-mile loop above 30 miles counted.

    The Red Loop (left of green dot), White Loop (middle/top), and Blue Loop (right) from my Strava

    Hale’s trails are considered by local runners to be deceptively difficult. The longest climbs are no more than 150 feet, and the majority?are less than 50 feet —?pish, easy right? ?And except for some technical spots on the Red Loop, it’s?relatively runnable terrain. ?But… those little climbs, they don’t?relent; the 15 mile circuit has about 2000ft of elevation gain. And…?that easy terrain, it switches constantly: all in the same loop, you can get rocky leafy trails, rooty?single track, a sandy beach, a?mossy pond path, and crumbly pavement. Our minds might enjoy the variety, but our bodies must constantly switch gears. I have heard more than one person describe this course as a “grind” and I do think it’s because you are constantly switching gears.

    Elevation profile of the 15-mile Red, White, Blue loops from my Strava

    Race Prep

    For the TARCtic, I didn’t have any mileage goals in mind.?It’s early February in Massachusetts, so obviously the weather can be a huge factor in this race. Why train for 60+ miles when one poorly-timed winter storm or cold spell could erase all motivation to do that?

    My training in December and January had been mostly long hikes with elevation gain, short road runs with hill repeats, indoor cycling, and snow sports — very little straight-up trail running.?But I still had some running fitness from last Fall, when I trained for the TARC Winter Fells Ultra 32-miler in early December — a notoriously technical and difficult trail race that would be a real challenge for me to finish in the time limit. I went to the Middlesex Fells almost weekly to train on the course for hours; I had a glimmer of hope that I could finish. Unfortunately, the week before the race it snowed about six inches, dashing any hope I had of finishing. So I skipped the race. (Side note: That Saturday when I should have been at the Fells Ultra, I got in a minor car accident when a 17-year old kid pulled out in front of me. The next day I wound up in the emergency room when I banged my head on a street sign while talking a walk. Neither event would have happened had I gone to the Fells Ultra. The moral of the story was… don’t skip TARC races.)

    Race Morning

    The weather and overall conditions for the 2020 race were pretty stellar: 30-40 degree temps, overcast, with no precipitation and little wind. More importantly, the trail was dry and devoid of snow or ice.?Last year’s race had rawer weather plus a cover of snow/ice; I remember the rocky sections of the Red Loop felt particularly treacherous.

    Normally I don’t like later start times for ultras, but in February, 8am feels about right. The Hale Reservation is roughly 25 minutes from my house, and I arrived and parked at Noanet Pond with more than enough to walk about a quarter mile to the lodge to get situated (there are shuttles as well).

    At checkin I got my number and some swag (a race-branded dry-bag and buff, plus I had ordered sweatpants, what have turned out to be my new favorite thing). I found a place for my drop bag in the crowded main room of the lodge, ate a mini Cliff bar with some coffee, went to the restroom, and fussed with my gear. I chatted with a few people and asked how long they were planning to run (responses ranged from 30 to 75 miles); when they asked me, I said “45” but I still wasn’t really committed to anything beyond 30 miles.

    Miles 0-15

    The race started outside the lodge on the Red Loop, which climbs rather steeply on a pavement road before eventually turning onto a trail. This quickly sorts the runners into their proper or preferred place. I tucked in with a bunch of sensibly-paced women. The first Red Loop is essentially a conga line and a fine time to chat with others and loosen up. Still, it’s the most technical loop, and having runners at your heels does add a feeling of pressure. It’s also the longest loop (5.5 miles), so by the time we came into the lodge for the first time, I was ready for some fig newtons and a sports drink refill.

    The White Loop is the most runnable loop that has a few memorable sections: power lines, dumpsters, pieces of rusting household metal fashioned into art. By then, the pack of runners had thinned out, though I started chatting with a man who’d I spend the next 7 miles leapfrogging with — I’d pass him on the climbs, and he’d pass me on the flats.

    The Blue Loop goes around Noanet Pond and also has some hilly sections around the main reservation road and parking areas. there was one treacherous section on some boulders that featured slick frozen moss; like the runners around me, I had to inch down on my hands and knees. Evidently someone mentioned this section to the RDs because the next time I came around, they had routed the course to avoid the icy moss, which was a big relief.

    I finished the first 15 mile circuit just before noon (~4 hours).

    Beach Running during crowded Red Loop (photo from Mass Ultra)

    Miles 15-30

    Red, White, Blue. I ran and stopped for ramen after every loop. By then I was largely running solo. I’m pretty sure this contributed to what happened next:?As I neared the end of Blue, it was 4pm and I realized that if I stopped, I could make Little Boy’s basketball game that night. I felt good enough that I didn’t want to settle for 30 miles, yet the lure of going home was so great.

    So when I finished 30 miles, I asked the nice people at the timing table if I could leave and come back the next morning. They said sure, so I gave them my bib, gathered my belongings, and walked back to my car.

    Race Purgatory

    So, I left the race course: I drove home, took a long soak in a hot Epsom Salt bath, drank some wine and ate pretzels, then drove to a local elementary school for Little Boy’s basketball game. His team won (largely due to having an extremely tall kid who is about my height… as a 6th grader.) For dinner, we had a satisfying raclette (melted Swiss cheese with boiled potatoes and charcuterie) and then I went to bed around 9pm after readying my downsized drop bag.

    I woke up at 3:45am. My legs didn’t exactly feel fresh, but they weren’t sore, and after a quick coffee and Nutella toast, I headed back to the race for another 15 miles.

    Miles 30-45

    Just after 5am, I entered the Powisett Lodge, which had undergone a great change since the previous morning. Instead of being packed with scores of ripe and ready runners, there were about a dozen sleepy-looking crew members and runners. I reclaimed my bib at the timing table; the volunteers were enthusiastic that I had come back, and I bantered with them as I prepared to resume running by pinning my bib, putting on my headlamp, and opening my?trekking poles. (I didn’t carry trekking poles the previous day, but given the darkness I wanted them for the technical Red loop at the very least).

    Since I am an early morning runner, the darkness didn’t phase me; I listened to podcasts and progressed through the now-familiar loop, following the impeccable course flagging without issue. I did pass another runner early on the loop, but otherwise didn’t see a soul. By the time I finished Red, it was light out and the lodge was a little more lively with fresh runners arriving for the 15-mile race that started at 8am .

    After eating a bunch of delicious chocolate chip cookies, I continued onto White. My legs still felt good but I knew I was moving measurably slower than the previous day. I finished White around 9am, then moved onto my last Blue lap. I wondered if I’d be able to finish Blue before the 15-milers caught up to me.

    My big surprise on the Blue loop was that Mr. P and Little Boy had come to Hale to fly their new Mavic mini drone over Noanet pond. I had an inkling that they might show up! I stopped to chat with them for about ten minutes, then continued onto the lodge to finish the loop and my race. The first 15-miler passed me just as I approached the lodge. I finished and got even more great swag (a race-branded backpack and cookie); I talked with 3-4 race volunteers and left with a great feeling.

    Overall, I was happy with this race. It’s a great winter tune-up race and opportunity to do some miles in a supportive atmosphere. Splitting the mileage across 2 days meant that I wasn’t completely wreaked, and could return to work on Monday without feeling particularly stressed and worn out.

    As my first ultra of 2020, this marks the 8th consecutive year that I’ve done at least one ultra and brings my ultra race total to 28 (not including several DNFs where I surpassed 26.2 miles but didn’t finish).

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    New Year’s Eve 2019/20: Sunday River Skiing [VIDEO]

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    Puzzle Mountain, Maine [VIDEO]

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    Thanksgiving 2019: Hike and Ski [VIDEO]

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    Kilkenny Ridge Race 50 Miler – 2019 Race Report

    Kilkenny Ridge Race 50 Miler,?September 14, 2019. I finished in 19 hours, 27 minutes as 2nd female, though only three women finished and five women started… not to imply I was racing, I only hoped for (and got) a safe, amazing adventure – in what had been an otherwise disappointing 2019, running-wise.?

    Given the remoteness in the Great North Woods, the lack of cell service, and probably a dozen other complicating factors, the race was superbly organized. ?I particularly appreciated the thoughtful course markings that guided me along the last 10 miles, which were my nighttime miles in foggy drizzly mothy darkness, all by myself in the rugged White?Mountains, with pink ribbons pulling me to the finish.


    I first heard about the Kilkenny Ridge Race 50 & 25 miler?shortly after the inaugural race in 2018. My first thought was not?“I must do this race!” but I tucked it in the back of my mind, and sometimes?during my daily run or hike I mused?about the race’s logistics — as they theoretically might apply to me.

    One early morning in July, I realized, quite fiercely: “I must do this race!”?What an opportunity: A supported 50 mile trek with 15,000+ ft elevation gain through a remote range of the White Mountains in glorious September, race-directed by a husband/wife pair of ultrarunning local legends, practically in my backyard — and with a generous 24-hour time limit. I signed up that day and the preparation began in earnest.


    A nagging on-off hamstring niggle has prevented any sort of fast, flat running since March 2019, so my spring and summer had already been filled with hiking and elevation. After signing up, I took a half-dozen or so trips to the White Mountains to practice the long, sustained 1000+ ft climbs and descents not available around Boston. We also took several family summer hiking trips, including our Mt Garfield adventure as well as an overnight trip to Galehead Hut. On weekdays, I headed to the steepest trails in my local conservation lands and did many up-down repeats.

    My leg muscles reached epic stoutness, but I wanted to experience the actual Kilkenny Ridge trail to verify the trail wasn’t crazy technical and allowed for periodic jogging. Unfortunately, the Kilkenny Ridge trail is in the northern part of the White Mountains and thus less accessible — it’s about a 3.5 hour drive, versus the 2 hours drive to train in Waterville Valley.

    So one weekend in late August, while Mr. P and Little Boy were vacationing in Florida without me because I couldn’t take time off work, I got a cheap hotel room in Jefferson, NH for a Saturday night and spent two days exploring the southern end of the Kilkenny Ridge, starting with Mt Waumbeck. (Mr. P and I had hiked Waumbeck ten years ago as part of our 4000 Footer quest; we had also done the other 4000 Footer, Mt Cabot, but had spent no time on the Kilkenny Ridge trail.)

    I learned so much that weekend, with a total 40 miles of training on the race course. To my relief, the trail was not very technical — at least compared to some other White Mountain trails I’ve been on. ?However, the trail?is very overgrown in spots; I would highly advise anyone doing this race to completely cover their legs and wear lightweight gaiters (like Dirty Girls) to prevent debris from getting in your shoes. Because the trail is quite narrow in spots and partly obscured with ferns and brush, trekking poles are tricky to use but there was no question I’d carry them for the whole race.?I had a basis on which to plot my pace, and estimated a 20 hour finish, so that became my goal.


    The 50 miler started at 5am Saturday morning. I left work early on Friday afternoon for the 3.5 hour drive. In addition to all of my running gear, I had a bunch of camping stuff, having made a reservation at the Percy Lodge Campground in Stark, NH. It’s 10 minutes from the start/finish and the race endorsed it for lodging on their website. When I checked in with the gracious proprietress, there was another runner checking in who was staying in the lodge. I instantly envied her and wished I had sprung for a room (later, I would end up running a portion of the race with that woman, during which I had a brief fantasy we’d finish together and she’d let me use her shower in the lodge, since the campground shower didn’t seen very inviting in the middle of the night. But I finished before her and was actually not in the mood for a shower.)

    My campsite was visually secluded from the other campers, but not audibly secluded.?After setting up my tent, I boiled water over a camping stove for a freeze-dried spaghetti dinner. By 7:30pm I was in my sleeping bag, listening to car doors around me slam as other runners arrived at the campground. I did sleep, fitfully. I woke up at 11pm having to pee; at first I thought someone was shining a light on my tent, but it turned out to be the enormous full moon. If only it hadn’t clouded up and gotten rainy for the race — having that moonlight would have been amazing.

    I dozed until 3:45 am, when I boiled more water for my coffee and quickly prepared.?The biggest disaster of race morning was my anti-chafe balm — Squirrel’s Nut Butter — had turned rock solid. It was exasperating; I blame myself for getting suckered by the trendy, expensive “all natural” brand that evidently freezes, instead of going with the mass market brand with its non-natural ingredients that prevent it from turning solid. Instead of spending one minute applying anti-chafe, it took ten minutes of rubbing hard pieces of?Squirrel’s Nut Butter all over my sensitive areas. After that, I had to hurry, and?arrived at the starting line with only five minutes before the pre-race meeting.

    The Race: Miles 0-25

    The 50-miler started promptly at 5am at the northern terminus of the Kilkenny Ridge trail at the South Pond Recreation Area. My goal was to be at the 25-mile halfway turnaround in 9 hours,?giving me 11 hours to return to South Pond in mostly darkness — meaning I’d finish at 1am. (The race cut-off was 5am – 24 hours).

    The 50-mile race started at South Pond and then turned back around at Starr King (Mile 25) to finish at South Pond. The 25-mile race started at Starr King and finished at South Pond

    Mile 1 was runnable but I barely jogged and drifted towards the back of the pack. Miles 2-4 climbed to Roger’s Ledge, which provided a stellar view of the partly cloudy sunrise. Some runners stopped to take pictures. I should have stopped too, because this would ultimately be the only?clear view for the entire race, as the sky was quickly clouding over, with light rain predicted later in the day.

    We passed the scenic Unknown Pond and then the first aid station, where I refilled water and grabbed some cookies. In my pack I had Oreos and Nutella & PB English muffins, but I was appreciative of the sparse aid station fare – the volunteers did have to hike in all of the supplies, after all.

    At two points during the race, runners are required to take a spur trail to an amazing view and mark their bib using an orienteering punch as proof. The first spur trail for the 50-milers is The Horn, a peak about .3 roughish miles off the main trail. It was completely clouded over, with no view and strong wind. Soon after we hit another peak — The Bulge — and then on to Mount Cabot.

    Yet another cool thing about this race is it’s the same weekend as Flags on the 48, a September 11th memorial hike that organizes groups to raise a temporary flag on each of the 48 White Mountain 4000-fters. As I approached Mount Cabot, I could hear the massive flag flapping in the powerful wind. The group on Cabot had done an amazing job using ropes to keep the pole erect. I paused to solemnly contemplate the flag, while discretely shoving Oreos in my mouth.

    The descent off of Cabot to Bunnell Notch was long (~1.5 miles), rocky, and a bit wet. I owe a great deal to my trekking poles — they slowed me down, but ensued safe and consistent movement. ?The climb to the Terrace Mountains (North, Middle, South) was unmemorable, except for the glimpses of fast 25-mile runners beginning to pass us (going the opposite direction). The second bib punch was on Terrace Mountain summit and I got there at the same time as the first 25-miler female, who was flying whilst being quite cordial. I was also leap-frogging with some other 50-milers. I chatted with one person who was nauseous and couldn’t eat, and another person who was not happy with the rugged terrain. It sounded like a number of runners were not already planning to continue past the 25-mile?turnaround, which is the most sensible place to DNF.

    Coming into Willard Notch AS#1 (Mile 15)

    The second aid station was Willard Notch at Mile 15, where I grabbed some potato chips and bantered with the nice volunteers. This is also around where I passed the bulk of the 25-milers. My energy and spirits fed off of the encouragement I gave to them and got back in return. Smiles are so powerful during ultras.

    Old Lady Pace

    Aid Station

    After aid #2 was the long, steep climb up North Weeks (3900ft). During the climb I caught up to a nice young man. He let me pass him and then stuck to my heels. It was his first ultra ever. We hung together for a good 90 minutes, chatting about the race, mountains, running, etc. When we neared Waumbek, I felt like I wanted to move a little faster on the flat parts so I jogged ahead. (I saw him later near the turnaround and he accused me of ditching him — I hope joking).

    At around mile 22 I passed the wooded summit of Waumbek — where a large group of Boy Scouts from Flags on the 48 were assembled in the misty clouds around their flag — and then Starr King (obscured view), where I caught up to the woman I saw checking into the lodge. We stayed together the entire 2.5-mile descent to the 25-mile turnaround point — right on pace to reach it at 2pm, which was exactly my goal of nine hours! We passed many day hikers headed to Waumbek (as well as fellow 50-milers who were hiking up from the turnaround).

    Such a long descent. I watched anxiously for a large abandoned well on the side of the trail, which signaled the trailhead was close. Even when we?hit the pavement, we had about half-mile on downhill road to get to the actual aid station (crossing RT 2, where there was a policeman to stop traffic). I was beyond excited to have access to my drop bag, in which I had a small fluffy towel to dry my wet feet and my favorite pair of socks for the night.

    At the turnaround aid station (Mile 25), they told us we were 2nd and 3rd females (the 1st female was literally hours ahead of us). I was pleased about this, because I thought I had a great chance at finishing on the podium; thanks to my careful pacing, it was likely that I’d only pass others and not be passed. (This was half correct. No one passed me in the last 25 miles, nor did I pass anyone).

    I spent about 10 minutes in aid — drying my feet, changing my socks and shirt, eating pizza, refilling water, checking my gear for nighttime, etc. The other 3-4 runners did not look close to leaving when I was, so?I grabbed a second slice of pizza for the road climb back to the trailhead, thanked the volunteers, and started the 25-mile journey back to from where I started — as 2nd female.

    The Race: Miles 25-50

    Now I had to climb back up that long descent – 2.5 miles?with about 2000′ elevation gain. My legs felt okay, but I had to control the effort to keep my heart rate low.?As I climbed, I passed descending runners headed to the aid station — the rest of the back of the pack, some in rough shape, others just taking their time.

    I reached Starr King and then continued onto Waumbek, the trail then becoming relatively flat. My goal was to reach Willard Notch AS (Mile 35) by 6pm.?I wanted to cover as?much ground before sunset as possible. The descent down North Weeks is quite runnable, and though I wasn’t exactly running I made good time, arriving at 5:45pm to Willard Notch. The volunteers and I chatted as I chomped on potato chips; all race communication was done by short-wave radio, so they were able to update me about the number of runners still in the race, etc. Before I left I put on my headlamp, though it was still light, I would need it soon.

    From the aid station was the climb back up the Terrace Mountains. It’s not a long climb but it’s steep, and it was around then that my stomach went south. By the time I was on the long climb up Cabot (mile 37ish), it was dark, windy, and raining a little. I moved steadily and with focus, trying to ignore the nausea.

    At the top of Cabot (Mile 39) is a one-room cabin. As I passed the cabin, I was greeted by a short-wave radio operator standing in the cabin by an open window. Until he asked for my bib number, I didn’t realize it was a safety check. As I tried to eat some Oreos, I thanked the older man for helping a bunch of crazy runners. “Oh, I’m crazy too, just not about running, but I’m crazy too,” he said, and we laughed as the wind, drizzle and fog whipped around us.

    From the summit of Cabot, I had about 11 more miles to go. The rain was tapering off but my nausea increased and persisted. By the time I reached the aid station near the Unknown Pond (Mile 43), food was not an option. But the convivial volunteers who were camping out for the night lifted my spirits and renewed me with purpose.

    I started the climb — the last climb — back up?Roger’s Ledge feeling pretty good, but that short but steep rocky wall just killed me. My legs suddenly felt like lead and my heart rate was off the charts. There was another older man with a short-wave radio doing a safety check at Roger’s Ledge (Mile 46), and for the first time I couldn’t muster enthusiasm for a volunteer. In fact, when he told me there were four miles left, I think I glared at him, even though I knew full well there were four miles left. I did thank him for being there, but I was at a major low-point.

    The last four miles were a death march. The nausea was overwhelming and my body had just had enough. Not only did I swear off ultra running, I think I vowed never to hike in the White Mountains again.

    And the moths. The moths. They could not resist my headlamp. It would start with one or two sizable deep-woods moths, fluttering around me — which were easy enough to ignore — and then suddenly I’d have a dozen moths trying to fly into my face. I learned to stop every minute to look behind me, to throw the moths off course. That gave me about ten seconds of blissful moth-free movement until they found their way back.

    Finally I neared South Pond. I knew I was close when someone at the finish line spotted my headlamp and gave a few cheers. I wish I could run but I had zero motivation. Eventually?I finished at 12:30am to the applause and cheers of a handful of people. One of the RDs (Kristina) told me I was second female and handed me a large moose trophy. It was a little embarrassing to receive such an amazing trophy given my relatively slow time, but at that moment I really wanted a trophy. And ramen.

    I grabbed a cup of ramen and sat on the South Pond beach, where several volunteers and runners were gathered around a fire. And then I saw the full moon amid passing clouds. “Oh look,” I said. “It’s clearing up.”

    “Just in time!” someone said, with a sympathetic laugh.

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    Meet You On Mt. Garfield

    This summer we’re getting back to our roots – figuratively, but with literal roots: The rooty, rugged and rocky trails of the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

    In our lives prior to child rearing, Mr. P and I regularly journeyed 2-4 hours north to have seasonal weekend-sized adventures. Now that Little Boy is 11, he can finally keep up with all the adventuring — at least when he doesn’t have weekend sports, which is mostly only in the summertime.?The ability to incorporate “family time” with “training time” encouraged both Mr. P and myself to sign up for long, difficult races that requires many hours spent going up and down trails in preparation.

    Which means many?weekend-sized summer adventures for the whole family!

    This weekend we drove to Lincoln, NH on Friday night after an early dinner (missing most of the traffic). The plan: Mr. P would drop me off at a trailhead at 6am on Saturday, then go back to the hotel to relax with Little Boy as I steadily hiked 18.5 miles up and down various 4000-footers to Mt. Garfield, a magnificent 4500+ footer with some of the best views in the Whites. At 11am, they would start up the direct trail 4.8-mile trail for Mt. Garfield and we’d all meet at the summit of Mt. Garfield at 2pm, then descend Garfield to the car. And then: Wine, chips, and hotel hot tub.

    Due to my lack of cell service in the mountains, we (i.e., I) developed a number of intricate contingencies if I didn’t make it to Garfield by 2pm, because 18.5 miles in 8 hours may sound completely doable, but one never knows what can happen in the Whites. I could get injured, I could get lost, or I could just be plain slow.

    Shortly after 6am, Mr. P dropped me off in the popular Lincoln Woods parking area. The first 5 miles of my planned route are extremely flat, as the trail follows an old logging railroad bed that gets narrower and narrower as you enter the Pemigewasset Wilderness.

    Flat trail on old railroad bed

    I jogged occasionally. I must’ve been one of the first hikers out that morning, as my face caught a large amount of cobwebs. It was distracting because I’ve seen spiders on these webs before, and they are huge. I constantly wiped at my face, necks, and shoulders with my pack towel. I sucked down two Gus and sipped at my water.

    Sometime during mile 5, the trail began to climb Bondcliff Mountain and the cobwebs died off. I was passed by a fast-moving trail runner — this route attracts many amazing fit mountain runners who just hop from rock to rock with ease. I would see more of them later, though the majority of people I encountered had heavy backpacks and moved slowly.

    Starting to climb and get a view

    Before I knew it, the air got crisp and the wind strong, and I emerged out of the woods into the treeless Alpine zone at the summit of Bondcliff. There were a number of backpackers coming down from the Guyot campsite. I paused on Bondcliff to put on my windbreaker and break open my sandwich stash.

    The view from Bondcliff

    I followed the magnificent Alpine ridge to Mt. Bond. It was windy and cloudy, but it could have been a lot worse.

    I felt like I was moving well but lost time on the downhills, being cautious about my footing and protective of my knees — both of which have been pretty cranky about the increased numbers of mountains they descended this year.

    The Beautiful Bondcliff Trail

    Soon I turned onto the Twinway Trail, and the trail got more rugged, which I anticipated. I summited South Twin at 11:30am and stopped to eat more sandwich and Oreos. I began to get nervous about meeting Mr. P and Little Boy on the summit of Mt. Garfield — 5.5 miles away — ?in 2 and half hours. These miles were notoriously technical and slow.

    I moved as fast as felt safe to me. The good news is, despite the slow pace, my legs were handling the vert and I didn’t feel too tired.

    As I neared the bottom of Garfield’s cone, I knew I was on pace to be at the summit at 2pm. I climbed up the uneven rock slabs to the summit, where there is a foundation of an old fire tower. ?A bit surprised when I didn’t see Mr. P and Little Boy… but I just sat down and dug into my sandwich, as that was really the higher priority for me at the moment.

    Suddenly, from the protective trees below the summit, Mr. P emerged and locked eyes with me. I waved; he laughed and waved back, visibly relieved to see me. They had been there for 20 minutes and were hiding from the wind. We convened and then took pictures.

    Summit Selfie

    I had just hiked the ridge behind me

    Happy our plan had worked, I commenced eating. We still had 4.8 miles back to the car and I was depleted. Luckily the Garfield trail is smooth and fast; even the steady rain that began as we were about halfway down didn’t slow us too much. Little Boy enjoyed the hike and talked about doing hikes in the future, which is an enthusiasm that I bet will be momentarily forgotten the next time we pull up to a trailhead.

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    Summer in the suburbs

    August is approaching, and summer is at the peak of its brutality. These days, I start running by 4:30am, awakened 30-50 minutes earlier by either profound sweatiness from the humidity in our bedroom, or the drone of the air conditioner in our semi-humid bedroom. My runs are slower, longer in duration, and exclusively on trails, so it’s good to get an early start; by 5:45, the bugs become a real issue. Countless gnats have died in the sweat on my face this week.

    After many mornings spent trudging along in a 70-degree dew point, I’m waiting for the humidity acclimatization to kick in but I still arrive home every morning, my clothes completely drenched in sweat. Fall is going to feel so good.

    Pond in local conservation land. Funny how you can’t see the mosquitos engulfing me.

    When we can, we escape to the mountains.

    Vermont Green Mountain sunrise

    Little Boy (who is certainly no longer little, and barely still a boy) detests the summer even more than me. He talks longingly of winter and would be content to spend the duration of summer indoors, in conditioned air. He asks when we are upgrading to central air. Bugs can make him fly into a brief rage.

    Hiking on ski trails when he’d rather be snowboarding

    Summer is coming to a bittersweet close. Soon the humidity and bugs will be a memory, and the darkness, ice, and wind will become the forces of nature that I dread.

    At least there’s flowers


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    Memorial Day Weekend 2019, NH White Mountains [VIDEO]

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